Inauguration of "L'Édifice de nos religions"

speech by Philippe Aïni, in Montlaur, june the 16th 2017.

L'Édifice de nos religions - 2017
  L'Édifice de nos religions - 2017

To give today is a real privilege.
But the real gift is your gaze of acceptation,
Or refuse.
Beyond the image, and the gesture that this can represent,
With no ulterior motive.

Working on a perspective of an utopia has been easy for me,
Trying to reinvent the belief my way,
Dreams transforming in emotional signs.
Bring the sea to the sky, this won't be enough to approach a hope of peace.
With humility, to undress.

It's not about rewriting faith
Just to say that one single day is enough
To know we can love difference
And above all support it...
Our souls are our shadows, they exist
And they also live on our failings.
Mixing colors,
To obtain an indelebile love desire ink ;
So many innocents condemned for their appearances...

I did it with that hope and to thank you to be there,
Unpretentious to convince you of any kind of idea,
Just in consciousness.
Only your eyes and your thoughts to make its belief.
I am grateful to life
For teaching me, with Time,
For trying only, with no taught certitude.
Isn't Art, today like yesterday, the only bulwark against our own barbarisms?

Creating a work to erect a wall of certitude,
It's being aware that walls are made to be destroyed,
And to give way to new inspirations.
Our illusionists freedom is narrow.

Here we are, alone, facing our liberty,
It comes at a price, solitude.
Let's share it.