"Just reinvent the belief..."

by Philippe Aïni,
Written in Montlaur 11/14, read by Ifran' at the Montolieu exhibition on 11/19/2011.

Self-portrait (or the liar) - 2010

For 30 years, with my utopia, I realized my autodidactic creation work trying to break free from all that had been instilled to me, forced, some digested and rehashed.

Forgetting them hadn't been too hard, being duffer by belief and destiny. Without airstream, Artstream, each time rewrite myself, without for this wanting to please you, trying to understand what i couldn't say, not hinking being a bastart, i work my life creating my immortality. I am pretentious of my reponsibility towards this humanity i belong to.

To top it off, I would say "Look at me without listening to me, talk about yourself through the works so they can live humanity they try to clear. "Let us not make creations of the artistic banality, because nothing of nothing is left to do...