"About the purchase of a painting..."

by Fabienne & Paul Giro, collectors.

Contorsionnisation - 1982

When something strange happens: a canvas... hidden away, taken out of the stock, instantly comes to cristalize the excitement we were falling into, and it represents... a totem. Or rather the summit of a totem. Man or woman, you can't tell. Pure frenzy that electrifies a nudity which fills the space, a pale body, suffering, puffed, and that struggles, angainst which threat? Or would it be a pure savage trance, the extatic pleasure to stand at the extreme limit of last imbalance?

A barbarian stylist, I tell you. Emaciated arms, unreasonably stretched, projected ahead, behind the body, and that borders, marry and double - push back the limits of the frame, last protection it seems, of a fall in the purely red plasma of the background. Except under his feet, yellow-green, the circle of a narrow platform, at the top of the mast where this infuriated acrobat wriggles. The fixed eyes twirl, the dry mouth winces, the torso wiggles, arches, delves, multiplies, in so many different positions... that yet, after a while, seems to juxtapose, to balance, to give a kind of stability to the painting, and let hear... a silence - yes, across the frenzy, a strange silence emanates from this wild tightrope walker... we take it under our arm, not even wrapped, like thieves, troubled. outside, in the night, falls a light rain...

"Contorsionnisation", painted in 1982, just found a buyer, at the end of the year 2000.