Personal data management

Contact form - Data processing purpose

La Maison Aïni does not use any cookie nor any other tracking technique (See however Special case of "Tweeter" and "Facebook" buttons above).
The contact form of the website is a personnal data processing which purpose is the management of contacts and requests to the site La Maison Aïni, in the persons of Philippe Aïni and/or the Webmaster. It allows those recipients:
- to receive emails, via the contact form accessible from the website,
- to answer the messages and manage those contacts.

Legal basis

Article 6(1a) of the regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament (general data protection regulation - RGPD).
This processing is allowed by the users of the contact form so their requests can be treated.

Categories of the processed data

- Reply electronic mail address (email),
- Identification data (first and last names),
- subject and content of the request,
- IP Address,
- Date and time of the contact form usage.

Data source

The data is collected with the persons filling the contact form accessible from the website La Maison Aïni.
The form automatically collects and includes in the sent message the user's IP address and the date and time the request is sent.

Compulsory nature of data

- The user identification, the subject and the content of the request are needed by the persons in charge of the website.
- The IP address of the requester offers a basic spam protection to the recipients, and allows to block the contact form access of abuse suspected addresses.

Automated decision

The processing does not involve any automated decision.

Concerned persons

- Data processing concerns users of the contact form that send a request by mail or want to exercise their right to manage their personal data..
- Philippe Aïni,
- the Webmaster of the site.

Recipients of the data

According to the user choice of the contact form or the nature of the request:
- Philippe Aïni,
- the Webmaster of the site.

Transfer of the data outside of the EU

No tranfer is to be done outside of the European Union.

Data storage life

La Maison Aïni keeps the data as long as the mail exchange between the user and the persons in charge of the website lasts or as long as the request needs it. Data is to be erased after that, unless the user expressely allows his personnal data to be kept for future directs and personnal contacts.

Your rights on your personal data

The webmaster of the site La Maison Aïni is your interlocutor for any resquest regarding your personal data.
Contact the Webmmaster

If you think, after that contact, that your rights regarding your personal data are not respected, you can fill a complaint with the CNIL (in french).