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Untill Oct. 23rd 2016

Individual exhibition
Outsider Art Fair Paris 2016

Untill Oct. 23rd 2016

Collective exhibition
"Le printemps de septembre" collective festival Toulouse - France

Untill Oct. 31st 2016

Collective exhibition
"La peau et les mots", La Coopérative gallery - Montolieu, France

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Sculptures - March 2015

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Esprit singuliers : Fonds de l'Abbaye d'Auberive
April 13th 2016

"Esprit singulier :
Fonds de l'Abbaye d'Auberive

Paperback catalogue of 400 pages published by éditions Flammarion (in French)

Back presentation:
Beyond hierarchical classifications, the abbaye of Auberive delivers a human artistic approach, generous and bold, going against the traditional art history and dominants artistic trends. The 400 works reproduced here and realized by more than 100 artists are the reflection of a totally singular mind


Atelier La Marge - Photo D.Babou

"La Marge" Workshop

"Philippe Aïni feels at home."

«One wonders if people still dare to enter in a museum. If you don't take a step towards them, contemporary art have no visibility anymore».

So Philippe Aïni took that step. He has just opened in Serviès-en-Val (France), a gallery which since its opening, a few days ago, brought together the gratin of contemporary creation. This artist, who makes the bright days of the most renowed display walls in France and United States since a few years, choosed the Corbières (France) to settle down. Long time resident of Rouen (France), he accumulated there a colossal production that he dreamt to present in his adoptive region...


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