Recent works

Orders - "Advenir"

5 m high sculpture, lit by the city of Carcassonne public lightning. Ordered by the FRAC, the DRAC, the Céres Franco Collection, the agglomeration of Carcassone, and the Couleurs Citoyennes assiciation.

Recent news

2018 season of the Coop Art La marge 2
april 18th 2018

Vernissage COOP ART LA MARGE 2


2018 season of La marge 2 starts on june the 23rd 2018 with a conference and debate animated by Jean Boustra and Pierre Souchaud.

Conference "Les Gens et l'Art de la création" (in french) from 5pm.

2018 season of the Coop Art La marge 2

See invitations for more details

Season from june the 23rd to october the 28th.

CoopArt La Marge 2
1 rue Joseph Delteil
11220 Serviès-en-Val

Aïni's biography-book subscription
may 1st 2017

"Aïni à tiroirs ouverts"

Published by Art dans l'Air.

Subscription for a biography-book of Aïni

"Philippe Aïni put down his bags, his woks and his collections in a village in Aude, near Lagrasse, Servies-en-Val, which now hosts the art center he created, La coop-art (open every day untill end of october). Philippe Aïni creates but loves life above all and what goes with it: meets, women, experiences. He gives himself up frankly in a testimony-book which tells about a few decades out of an uncommon life.
Several books already exist about the artist works, but "Aïni à tiroirs ouverts" will be the first testimony about his life.
The works of Philippe Aïni got into the most renown expressionist art collections in France. In the area, we can see his works in the Cérès Franco collection in Montolieu (11), in the Fernand Michelmuseum-workshop in Montpellier, and in his own art center."

This book (in french), of about 150 pages, will be edited in 1000 copies, of which 100 only will carry an orginal work of the artist on the cardboard front cover. Those 100 copies are sold directly by the artist, by subscription, at 80 € each.

The book (in french) will also be sold in bookshops, with a cardboard front cover too but without the original art wok, at the price of 12 €
(Editions Art dans l'Air, ISBN : 978-2-9559184-0-1).